The Everyday Athlete

Chiropractic “Sports” Medicine, Fort Wayne:  The Everyday Athlete

Slide3I get asked many times a week, “Do you only treat athletes?” My response ultimately is “NO” but my answer is usually a longer version along the lines of “In a way yes because everyone is an athlete.”

The problem is that many view the requirements for athletics to be more rigorous and body mechanics to be more important during sports. Where I do agree that this is extremely important, I will argue that the same NEEDS to be done in everyday life. The abuse that the body takes if one is a firefighter, waitress, assembly line worker…. can be just as punishing as that of a high end athlete. Slide1The only difference is that trauma is spread out over a longer period of time. And thus, the remedy for that would be to keep the same attention to form and strength in your job or at home that one would on field or court.

Just think of the pain and injuries we could prevent if you applied the same concepts to your daily life. You just need to ask yourself, “What is MY sport?”… the sport of sales, the sport of being a parent, the sport of fixing cars? So let’s work together to find a more athletic posture or increased strength, that way at the end of the day you come out with a Win!