Wearing a mask can increase jaw pain and headaches.

facemask profileWhether you are pro mask, anti-mask or just going with the flow, one thing is constant; we are finding ourselves wearing a mask more than before. One thing to be aware of, the headaches and jaw pain you might be experiencing may not only be due to the increase in stress of the current situation but also directly due to the mask.

When wearing a mask we tend to hold tension in our jaw in response to the mask pushing back upon us. We also hold more tension in the jaw when we speak by talking with decreased jaw movement in part due to trying to keep the mask in place and not being pulled off of the nose.  We also increase jaw and tongue activity in a “fidgeting” way, in the same manner we “play” with sunglasses when wearing them.

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Chiropractors… More Than Just Back Doctors: Part 1 – The “TMJ”

Chiropractors, More Than Just Back Doctors
Part 1- The “TMJ”

Did you know that Chiropractors can be the best course of treatment for treatment other the spine? Many people are facing jaw pain, clicking, and possibly limited mouth opening.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is located one fingertip-width in front of the auditory meatus, the external opening for the ear. Temporomandibular disorder (TMD) is a common condition arising from one or more of numerous factors, including but not limited to tooth position (orthodontic), muscular tone and harmony, trigger point referrals, cranial compression, damaged or misaligned articular disc, or other intracapsular disorders, such as arthritis or infection and injury by blow. There are many other suspected contributing factors, such as emotional well-being and stress, mineral and hormonal imbalances, nutritional factors, allergies and chemical exposures.
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