Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Fort Wayne

Frequently Asked Questions

Q–What is chiropractic?
A–Chiropractic is the manual treatment of muscloskeletal issues (not just a spine injury). Known for its adjusting (manipulation), many times chiropractic also involves electric therapies, rehab, massage, nutritional counselling.

Q–Is chiropractic care safe?
A–There is inherent risk every form of healthcare, however when done properly the risk of any adverse side effects are extremely rare. The most common problems that arise are sprains/strains when an adjustment is not properly administered.  The common question asked is about stroke caused by neck adjustments. Currently there is no concrete numbers supporting or denying these claims, but the most scientific research is showing the risk as extremely unlikely as low as 1 in 10,000,000. And when the adjustment is done with minimal to no added rotation or extension (more lateral flexion) that number is considerably less.

Internal forces sustained by the vertebral artery during spinal manipulative therapy.

Q–What type of education do chiropractors get?
A–Chiropractors must have a Bachelors degree prior to entering chiropractic school. A chiropractic education follows very closely to Medical School with a trade off of more anatomy for less pharmacology. Chiropractors even have to do full anatomical dissections, both male and female sensitivity training to graduate, pediatrics, and psychology.

Chiropractic Education

Q–What is that “crack” noise?
A–The sound heard during an adjustment (“cavitation”) is the release of ‘gas bubbles’ within the joint. The joint contains both joint fluid and gases, increased pressure surrounding the joint ‘carbonate’ the joint. An adjustment decreases the inner joint pressure and releases this carbonation (like opening a champagne bottle).

Q–Is chiropractic treatment ongoing?
A–Chiropractic treatments for an injury should be limited to the minimum it takes to restore maximum health. It is also a great benefit to help maintain good health before an injury occurs. That being said the healthier you can be on your own the less often you will need a chiropractor. But beware once you realize how good you can feel you may not want to stop going.

Q–Can I speed the healing process?
A–The easy answer is ‘Follow the directions given by the Doctor’.