Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Fort Wayne provides the most update and scientifically based care. Of the many different versions of chiropractic we believe that modern science and medical research should drive the care we give and we realize that the best care is always evolving as human knowledge evolves.

From chiropractic care to medicine, from physical therapy to surgery, we are all just tools used to increase healing and function. There are times for each and times for all. Knowing when and which is the true value of healthcare. Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Fort Wayne co-manages patients with healthcare professionals of every type to maximize improvements… because that is what this is all about, doing what is best for each and every patient not what best for the doctor.

The treatments we provide

  • Diversified Adjusting (Motion Palpation): Hands on manipulation of the joints in the body (not just the spine). Only adjusting what NEEDS adjusted as not everything should be and using the least motion and force needed. By knowing several techniques for every area allows the perfect match of the method to the patient.
  • Cox Flexion-Distraction: Hands on table assisted traction that decrease intervertebral pressures, reducing disc herniations and spinal compression.
  • Gait Analysis and treatment: Assessing walking and running to eliminate dysfunctions that cause pain and injury.
  • Kinesio Taping: Functional taping that assists with muscle activation/over-activation, swelling and support. (colorful tape seen on many athletes)
  • TMJ rehab: The 1st and best care for jaw pain, clicking, and TMJ headaches. Seem strange to go to the chiropractor for jaw issues? Most TMJ problems are muscle dysfunctions that create excessive and imbalanced pressures on the joint and disc within the jaw. This causes deviated opening, reduces jaw opening width, and the “clicking” of the jaw caused by the fibrocartilage disc getting caught. Treatment consist exterior and intraoral manually releasing muscle tensions (not ‘adjusting’ the jaw)
  • Functional Rehab and Training: Replacing antiquated techniques for modern and functional driven rehab.  Don’t just repeat what has always been done because it is typical or a fad… instead question everything. Ask “why am I doing this exercise and how it ‘functionally’ helps me accomplish my goals.”